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  2. Funny how I love being behind the camera, yet I hate being in front of it. #shy

  3. I really love the design of Kanye West’s “Yeezus”, but I can’t explain why. Something about that minimalist design is really cool to me. Maybe the fact that he has the guts to release something like this to the public is why I admire it. #yeezus #kanyewest

  4. #ziplining (at Camp ASCCA)


  5. Difference Between “Hot” snd “Cute”

    When it comes to us guys, we have different words to describe the level of attractiveness of a girl. Two of the most commonly used is “hot” and “cute”. Is there a difference between these two words?

    Let’s start by defining the two words. They both mean certain levels of attractiveness, but it depends on the mindset of the person judging that girl.

    Cute, to me, is someone who I consider sweet, and unthreatening. A girl who still looks relatively young.

    Hot, to me, is a girl who is sexy and can hold up for herself. A girl who looks older.

    These can always be defined differently. Beautiful can be a vamped up version of cute. Sexy can even be its own word to describe attractiveness.

    There also seems to be a certain age limit to use these words. You can call a child cute and get away with it, but you will come across as weird if you call them hot.

    Like I said, it really comes down to you. You can come up with your own definitions of attractiveness. These are just mine. 

  6. Good luck you guys! #JourneyofHope (at Camp ASCCA)


  7. Clayton’s Favorite Movies Introduction

    As a cinephile, one of the most common questions I’m always asked is “What are your favorite movies?”

    It’s always been hard to narrow down all the movies I’ve seen and select my favorites. I’ve seen so many that it’s hard to believe. Not to mention, still being a teenager, there are still so many that I’ve yet to see. So my list may change over the next few years.

    With that said, I’ve decided to dedicate individual blog posts for each of my favorite movies. I’m going to do 20. Why? Because I have so many favorites that I don’t want to leave any out. I’ll try to post one every day.

    Hope you enjoy my countdown of..

    Clayton’s Top 20 Favorite Films!

  8. That new Kanye West video is crazy.. #BlackSkinhead #yeezus

  9. billboard:

    Because even famous rappers have problems too.

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  10. Having fun at the water slide with Dad’s slow motion camera.